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Like a Staycation for your Career

You don’t have to travel to enjoy the perks of travel nursing! There are amazing PRN assignments in your area and beyond that give you great flexibility and freedom. You can even take PRN jobs in between travel contracts. With our expansive list of healthcare facility partners, we offer nursing jobs and allied health jobs in all 50 states, and our local PRN & contract healthcare jobs have all of the benefits and incentives that our travel jobs offer.

Nurses and clinicians choose us because we offer high-paying jobs in all specialities in the most amazing parts of the country. We have a patient-centered focus, highly competitive benefits, super bonuses, very flexible assignments, superstar recruiters, and we love to have fun. Ditch your old routine and find the right fit! Apply now to get started.

The Benefits of Local Assignments

    1. Balance

      Balance your family and work life while still enjoying opportunities in different healthcare facilities.

    2. Flexibility

      Work as much or as little as you like. Our recruiters work closely with you to match your schedule to your lifestyle.

    3. Compensation

      Take advantage of our competitive pay rates and benefits which are amongst the best in the nation.

    4. Support

      Enjoy the amazing support of our team on your side guiding you along your journey in finding your purpose.

Clinician Stories

Check out these testimonials from two amazing travel nurses making waves in Maui. Lillian and Lori found their purpose travel nursing with MSS, LLC, a TotalMed company.



Medical Staffing Solutions Travel Nurse Jobs

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