Evansville, Indiana

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Find Purpose in the Evansville Area

Our Evansville branch focuses on staffing PRN, RN, LPN, CNA, Allied, and local contract needs in southwestern Indiana. We are the number one staffing agency in the area. We have very strong partnerships with regional clinics, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities—with no shortage of hours and jobs to fill.

MSS, LLC, a TotalMed company, offers highly-competitive pay, super bonuses, very flexible assignments, superstar recruiters, and we love to have fun. Our team is cross-trained, highly-skilled, and extremely dedicated to the clinical staff they support. When you staff with MSS Evansville, you are treated like family. Get started today and apply now to find nursing jobs in Evansville!

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Benefits of PRN Jobs

    • Make your own schedule
    • Higher pay
    • Work in many different facilities
    • Ability to work any shift
    • Ability to control work-life balance
    • Great way to supplement income
    • Requires as low as 6 months experience

Benefits of Contract Jobs

    • Guaranteed hours
    • Higher pay than facility staff
    • Travel opportunities available
    • Both short and long-term contracts
    • Competitive Benefits
    • Requires 1-5 years of experience
    • Same perks as a “travel contract”

Clinician Stories

Check out these testimonials from two amazing travel nurses making waves in Maui. Lillian and Lori found their purpose travel nursing with MSS, LLC, a TotalMed company.



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