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MSS, LLC, a TotalMed company, is a top ten, nurse-owned healthcare staffing agency with the mission of igniting purpose in healthcare. As nurses, we know that finding quality clinicians is important and often difficult, so we offer end-to-end workforce solutions for hospitals, private clinics, government facilities, pharmacies, long-term care facilities, and more. By partnering with us, you get the most qualified and driven caregivers to fill even your most hard-to-fill positions.

Why choose MSS, LLC for your staffing needs?

  • We are nurse-owned, so we know the industry.
  • We can fill even the most hard-to-fill positions.
  • We are patient-centered, so we staff quality talent.
  • We support our staff 24/7 and offer amazing benefits.
  • We build lasting partnerships with clients.
  • We treat our staff and clients like family.

How we ensure our Elite Clinical Force meets client standards: 

  • Rigorous clinical screening processes conducted by our in-house professional clinicians.
  • Competency exams and clinical testing protocols meet/exceed evidence-based guidelines.
  • In-house clinicians select the right fit for our clinicians and our clients.
  • Placement is highly-focused and specialty needs are carefully considered.

Ready to partner with the MSS, LLC family? Contact us today to find healthcare staffing solutions that are perfect for you. 

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