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What’s your Stethostory?

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If only that stethoscope could speak. Hillary gives us a beautiful memoire of her first stethoscope and the life it lived by her side…

“Yesterday, my stethoscope broke. It was given to me by my mother the day I was accepted into nursing school. It has traveled from coast to coast, and to the incredible land of Hawaii. It took me through school, learning the art of nursing, grad school, and my first few months of my job as a nurse practitioner. If “my ears” had ears…. boy, it could tell some incredible stories. It was around my neck the very first time I saved a life, and the first time I witnessed someone lose the battle. It hung by my side as I comforted a family in distress. It fell to the floor the night I clung to a screaming mother who had just lost her child. It slammed against a wall when a violent patient charged in my direction. It was in my pocket the night a doctor told me I was “a waste of time.” But it was also there as a multitude of other doctors told me “thank you,” “you’re amazing,” and “I couldn’t do this without you.” It has heard the beating of countless hearts, and it has a special place in mine. You don’t choose to work in emergency medicine. It chooses you. Some days are impossibly hard. Sometimes my heart falls into a million pieces. Sometimes I lose, but more often I win. Even when it’s unimaginably difficult , I know I am where I belong. I’m doing what I am meant to do. Thank you ears for helping me save so many lives. You will be missed.

My stethoscope broke yesterday. Time to buy a new one.”

-Hillary LaReau

If your stethoscope broke, what would it’s Stethostory be?

Thank you so much for sharing this memoire of your trustee sidekick and keeping the mission of healthcare with purpose alive.  It is clear to see that Patients have been your purpose, and I am sure they felt the care coming through that stethoscope with each touch.