Travel Easy: Top Organizational Packing Tips & Tricks

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Packing for a travel assignment can be such a pain. That’s why Medical Staffing Solutions, A TotalMed Company is here to help you travel easy! Take a look at these 10 amazing organizational packing tips for the next time you travel.


1. Avoid Overpacking

First off, try to avoid overpacking. This will help solve small, yet inconvenient issues that can occur while traveling (luggage exploding, oversized luggage weight, etc.). Try laying out your outfits together before packing, including your accessories. Try to avoid packing articles of clothing that you don’t really need.


2. Packing Cubes

Found on amazon, these packing cubes will make a world of a difference when having to pack clothes, shoes, towels, and anything in between. Using these will minimize space in your suitcase, and keep similar items close together.


3. Keep Luggage Fresh With Dryer Sheets

The average suitcase is probably used only 1-3 times per year. Giving your suitcase a good clean, or filling your suitcase with dryer sheets is a good way to avoid those weird odors that can mask your clothes. Adding the dryer sheets in between your clothes is a good way to keep things smelling fresh.


4. Use Socks And Clothes To Protect Fragile Items

Your socks and other clothes are a reliable way to store fragile items to avoid breakage, just in case your luggage gets thrown around. If you’re carrying perfumes with metallic or plastic packaging, ensure that the nozzle faces upwards to avoid unwanted spills.


5. Wear Your Heavy Clothes While Traveling

If possible, wear your heavy clothes while traveling to ensure your suitcase stays light. Airports tend to be chilly, so having those extra clothes can help with that. Plus, the lighter the suitcase, the less baggage you have to haul around.


6. Only Bring What You Need

If your contract is only 3 weeks long, you only need essentials for those three weeks! Bring the exact amount of medication instead of taking the whole bottle. Pack travel-sized shampoo & conditioner instead of big bottles to save space. If it’s something super important, it’s recommended to always add in a couple extra to accommodate for any mishaps in travel that may occur.


7. Roll Your Clothes, Don’t Fold Them

Folding your clothes long, hot-dog style, then starting at one edge and TIGHTLY rolling and storing your clothes in your suitcase is a great way to keep space in your suitcase – especially when you have a lot of stuff, or if it’s not all fitness or outer wear and can wrinkle.


8. Organize your Accessories and Jewelry

This travel jewelry organizer offers protection for rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, hair accessories, watches and other small items. The jewelry box has 4-layer storage space, perfect size for travel, home or anywhere you need, to help classify your different jewelry, keeping you away from the confusion of storage jewelry.


9. Bring An Empty Bag For Dirty Clothes

If you start mixing your dirty clothes with your clean ones, pretty soon your clean clothes will start smelling. Packing a special laundry bag or a plastic bag is recommended.


10. Leave Room In Your Suitcase For Return Items

If you’re going on an assignment in a fun location, you are probably going to want to go shopping. Leave some space in case you want to bring home new clothes or souvenirs.


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