PRN vs. Contract Jobs

Medical Staffing Solutions Travel Nurse Jobs

Here at Medical Staffing Solutions, A TotalMed Company, we give you the option to choose how you want to work! The question is, which type of work would benefit you best? If you are needing guaranteed hours, landing a contract job would most likely work best for you. If you’re wanting to make your own schedule, you might want to lean towards PRN jobs. Regardless of which direction you are going, MSS is here to help you every step of the way! See the benefits of both PRN jobs and contract jobs below.

Benefits of PRN Jobs


    • Make your own schedule
    • Higher pay
    • Work in different facilities
    • Ability to work any shift
    • Ability to control work-life balance
    • Great way to supplement income
    • Requires as low as 6 months experience

Benefits of Contract Jobs


    • Guaranteed hours
    • Higher pay than facility staff
    • Travel opportunities available
    • Both short and long-term contracts
    • Competitive benefits
    • Same perks as “Travel Contract”