Keeping Values at the Core

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What do Integrity, Internally Driven, Fun, and Respect all have in common? They are the core values at Medical Staffing Solutions and drive what makes us a great partner for clients and clinicians. We talked to Joan Reneer, Chief Operating Officer and Managing Partner at MSS – a TotalMed company, to understand how embodying these values position the company for success.

“We post our core values in the lobby for everyone to see as they come to work.  We also review them annually with the entire company to make sure all the MSS & TotalMed team members are aligned with the mission and how we treat our clinicians, clients and each other. For example, Respect is a core value. Everyone should feel respected and treat others respectfully,” Joan told us.

In addition to reviewing the core values, Joan told us that MSS & TotalMed hire with the core values in mind. The company works diligently as they are selecting potential employees to ensure that those employees will live up to the values. “We may interview a potential high-producing sales person. But if they are not going to treat everyone else on the team respectfully, we won’t bring them on board.”

In reviewing the core values, “fun” stood out to us as something outside of the norm of core values. Joan shared with us why fun is a core value of the company. ”We want people to enjoy their job. We believe that is important for a company to thrive. People perform better when they love what they do. They are more engaged and that translates to their interactions with our clients and clinicians.”


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