Energizing Healthy Snacks on the Go

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As a healthcare professional, it can be hard to eat healthy when you’re on the run and working long shifts. But, taking care of yourself is so important when you’re taking care of others. You don’t want to get run-down. To help you snack well and keep your energy up, we wanted to share these 10 healthy, energy boosting snack ideas with you.


Apples with peanut butter

Apples contain a whole slew of vitamins (A, B1, B2, B6, C, K, copper, manganese and potassium), are high in fiber, and are just good for your health in general. Peanut butter is protein rich, high in healthy fats, and chocked full of vitamins and minerals. A quick apple and peanut butter snack will help fill you up and give you an energy boost to get you through your shift.


Chickpeas are packed full of protein, fiber, and potassium. In addition to filling you up, they can help control diabetes and blood pressure. Along with all the other nutrients, the iron and calcium in chickpeas contribute to bone health. Roasted chickpeas are an easy way to get your snack fix.

Trail Mix

This delightfully tasty mix of dried fruits, nuts, chocolate and grains. Buy pre-packaged or create your own that is tailored to your tastes. The protein in the fruits and nuts will help fill you up and give you an energy boost while the chocolate can help satisfy your sweet tooth. Add in some roasted chickpeas. It is important to remember to eat your trail mix in moderation. Trail mixes are high in calories. Remember, too much of anything is not a good thing.


Made from beef, chicken, or turkey, jerky is a quick portable snack that’s loaded with protein. Just make sure if you are buying jerky, that you check for added sugars or salt.

Greek Yogurt

A single-serving of Greek yogurt packs a lot of protein into a small container. Add in berries packed with lots of nutrients and fiber to help fill you up and aid in your digestion. The calcium in yogurt is another boost for your bone health.

Pumpkin seeds

No access to the fridge? No problem. Keep a little packet of pumpkin seeds for a quick snack. Just a ⅔ cup can give you 8 grams of protein. They are also loaded with fiber, vitamin k, phosphorus, manganese, magnesium, iron, zinc, copper and lots of antioxidants among others. Studies have shown that diets rich in pumpkin seeds have been associated with reducing the risk of certain cancers, improving prostate, bladder and heart health, as well as  lowering blood sugar levels. And this amazing snack does not require refrigeration.


Almonds, too, are loaded with nutrients even in just a small handful. They are high in protein and fiber and low in carbs, making them a great option if you have diabetes. Packed with magnesium – almost half your daily requirements in just one serving, almonds can assist with blood sugar control and benefit blood pressure levels. Plus, they fill you up.

Cheesy popcorn

Popcorn alone is a yummy, easy snack that will help fill you up. But, give yourself an energy boost by adding on some parmesan cheese for protein.

String cheese

It’s hard to believe that nutritionists will approve processed food, but string cheese actually makes their list. String cheese provides you carbs and protein for energy and calcium for strong bones. Add veggie sticks or fruit to your snack for an extra boost.

Veggie Sticks

No list of healthy snacks would be complete without veggie sticks. Pack yourself a handful of carrot and celery sticks. Snack on them with peanut butter or yogurt for a protein boost. These veggies are loaded with antioxidants, potassium and numerous other vitamins and minerals.


High-protein snacks are valuable to you as a strike nurse to make sure you can stay full until meal time and avoid any “hanger” issues that can arise while you’re working. Keeping a small selection on-hand will make it easier for you to grab a quick bite, even when time is short.

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