Cultivating Culture

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Especially during these trying times, it can be a challenge to keep a team focused. However, TotalMed has been able to unite their company under their purpose – improving lives. By working together to keep clients, clinicians, employees and – especially – the patient at the center, they have been able to continue being successful during the pandemic.

Dave Barse, Vice President of the Clinical Healthcare Division, shared with us, “We all understand the purpose. It’s about improving lives, getting those clinicians to work so they can save a patient and save a family from devastation.”

Dave also acknowledged that the pandemic has drastically impacted the industry. However, by keeping their purpose front and center, TotalMed has pulled together to be a stronger organization. At TotalMed, “we are not just a business, but family.” The leadership at TotalMed knows the secret to providing excellent service to clients and clinicians is ensuring employees are happy and enjoying what they do. “Sejal (Shah – CEO) is our visionary. He is open-minded.”

With a goal of improving lives, every person in the organization has to be engaged. That’s why TotalMed encourages innovation as part of the culture. Whether you are in leadership and looking at the big picture or on a team working on day-to-day initiatives. “We encourage it when someone on a team hears about something in the market or has an idea to improve a process or procedure to roll it up the chain,” Dave shared. The willingness of leadership to listen and embrace change from the team helps TotalMed continue forward in cultivating and strengthening their culture.

TotalMed understands that ensuring patients have the best care can be a challenge when faced with the staffing shortages in the healthcare field that exist today. “When a hospital has a need, they needed the clinician yesterday,” stated Dave Barse. Providing skilled, qualified clinicians to the facilities in need and quickly filling those open positions to improve the lives of patients and their families will continue to drive TotalMed to improve lives.


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