Travel Nurse Spotlight: Brianna

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Meet Brianna!

What is your specialty?

Emergency Department RN

Where are you traveling / have you traveled?

Exploring Los Angeles, all of California, and Hawaii.

What was your favorite assignment?

My favorite assignment was in Los Angeles because there are so many activities, even outdoors, but also the city life.

What advice would you give to a new traveler?

My advice to new travelers is to be free, humble, and never turn down an opportunity with new people.

What made you decide to travel?

I decided to travel because I wanted to explore, see the country, and experience a variety of developments in healthcare.

Why did you choose MSS?

I chose MSS because I love that the owners are nurse owned, their support and dedication is inspiring, and because of Purpose, their logo is the hummingbird, a symbol of a traveler. To me, it represents the gypsy soul and freedom that I relate to.

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