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Our Top Summer Travel Nursing Destinations

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Summer is finally here! Filled with endless BBQ’s, glamping (glamorous camping) trips, and swimming trips — no matter where you are, summer seems to make everything better. However, we have a few destinations that we think can take summer to the next level. “How can that be possible!” you exclaim, as you relax poolside… but we assure you it isn’t impossible!

We actually have some destinations that can take your summer experience beyond the beyond. And the best part? MSS has nurse travel jobs in these places, so not only do you get to check out some new summer hotspots, you get paid to do it!


If you immediately thought of endless snow and freezing temps, you are only half right – because there are definitely parts of Alaska that fit that stereotype. However – Alaska has some of the most amazing summer months to go along with its beautiful and wild frontier landscapes. With days in the 80’s and long, temperate nights – you’ll be hard pressed to find a better summer destination for a traveler with a hunger for the outdoors.

Sara Owens is one of our healthcare travelers currently on assignment in Alaska, and she shared some of these amazing photos. You can read more about her travel nurse adventures right here.


Is this cheating? Maybe – but with MSS being specialists in placing our nurses in Hawaii, we couldn’t pass this up. Summer in Hawaii is like Winter in Hawaii: amazing. However, there are a few changes in the two “seasons” that Hawaii experiences. Summer (called Kau in Hawaiian) usually comes with calmer waters in some regions – meaning more casual water activities. But don’t fear, would be surfers; there are plenty of regions that have big waves throughout the year.

So do we actually have travel nurse positions in Hawaii? The answer is yes! We are one of the few travel nurse companies that has the infrastructure and relationships in place to make Hawaii an actual travel destination for our nurses. So why not have summer year-round?


Have you ever thought of Indiana as a summer destination? You should! Warm summer days that make swimming feel even better, along with long, temperate summer evenings with sunsets you can’t beat. Travel nurse jobs in Indiana also have an even better perk: better pay in certain markets. So mix the central location of Indiana and the extra cash you can make in places like Indianapolis, Lafayette, Bloomington, and Evansville and what do you get?

Summer roadtrips! Indiana is very road-trippable (we just made up that word) – with some locations just a few hours away from Lake Michigan and Louisville, Kentucky. Or, fly to the east coast for the weekend! There’s also so much to do in Indiana that a few staycations will probably be on the calendar as well.


If you are looking for a place that truly has the different seasons in all their intensity, Colorado is it. All those snow-covered parts of Colorado thaw out in the spring to create the most amazing summer experiences. Snowmelt swells the rivers allowing amazing rafting, canoeing, kayaking, or just plain floating. Mountain paths open up and let you experience the amazing greenery and wildlife that summer awakes.

We love sending our nurses to travel destinations in Colorado because of the different experiences you can have all around the state. Summer may be the most popular time of year, but we receive amazing stories and pictures from nurses year round!


These are just a few of our favorite summer destinations – but we want to hear from you! Where are you currently spending your summer, and where do you want to see yourself next summer? It’s never too early to start planning your next destination, and we’re happy to help you make each new one better than the last!

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