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What Makes a Great Healthcare Recruiter?

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As the Traveling Healthcare Industry grows and more and more staffing agencies are popping up often times an emphasis will be placed on the amount of travelers a recruiter can carry at a time. But is quantity always the best practice?

Of course carrying a lot of travelers will sometimes yield higher commissions and profit, but let’s talk about what makes a good recruiter and a great agency.

With so many agencies and so many recruiters, I think the ultimate goal is what I like to call a little R&R.  No…no, not Rest and Relaxation, although if all pieces of the puzzle work seamlessly that is a perk!  My version of R&R in the Recruiting world is Retainage and Referrals.  How we do that starts at the very beginning of employment.  Education and foundation, in other words…the BIG question…WHY?  Why did YOU as a recruiter choose this agency and why should the caregiver you are recruiting choose you and this agency.

Let’s break it down:
In all careers, we want to enjoy what we do, and part of enjoying what we do comes from BELIEVING in what we do and what we stand for.

To do this we must first:

1.) LEARN about our company. Know the history of it.  When engaging in traveling healthcare forums on social media be able to give some history of the company and your personal ‘WHY’.  BELIEVE in what you do.  Excitement is contagious.

2.) While we are on the subject of social media forums, rather than just responding to a caregivers post about a job with ‘PM me’ or “I just PM’d you”….introduce yourself, give a little background, engage in a bit of conversation and show your personality. If you give them a call, let them know how you got their number and why you are calling.  I am not a recruiter but I have heard often times from caregivers that they haven’t returned calls or messages because they get inundated with voicemails and messages and they aren’t sure how these people get their information and they get overwhelmed.

3.) FOLLOW UP (gently). We aren’t used car salesmen.  Recruiters are sometimes the go-to people that travelers need to know they can trust, sometimes they take on the role of friend, therapist, trusted advisor.  Check in on them, even if they aren’t ready to travel with you right away.  Maybe the first time you spoke they were busy with the birth of a grandchild, or a big event.  Make a note of that and the next time you speak ask how it went.  But also….

4.) KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE… Be in tune. Sometimes caregivers don’t want a best friend or a trusted therapist or advisor.  Sometimes they want a strictly business relationship and they want their travel transaction to be fast and easy and cut and dry.  Get to know their tone of voice, understand their needs and adapt to them.  You win some, you lose some, but don’t push.  If it’s meant to be, it will happen.

5.) KNOW YOUR BUSINESS AND OWN IT. Know the details, be able to spout off the answers to their questions regarding benefits, retirement etc.  What company is your insurance through?  Who is your 401K through?  What is your company match?  How long has your company been in business?

6.) Don’t make promises you can’t keep. Understand checks and balances.  Speak facts.  Do not promise the world without being able to give the world.

7.) Take notes.

8.) Don’t give up on someone just because they don’t travel with you right away. If you are a good and trust worthy person, they will remember you and they will come back.  Remember, you are in this together and what goes around comes around.  Being a good and patient and kind person always wins in the end.

Travel Nurses: When searching for an agency keep in mind these 8 tips we give our own recruiters  and apply it to your search. Be sure to ask questions to make sure the agency is the right fit for you.

Recruiters: If these eight tips are taken into account, rest assured – your career as a recruiter will yield R&R – Retainage and Referrals as well as Rest and Relaxation and of course, everyone’s favorite…commission and profit for ALL parties involved!