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From The Desk of Our Director of Operations

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Beth Schnell is our Director of Operations, and recently she had a little revelation about the amazing growth of Medical Staffing Solutions over the last few years. She sent out this email that we all loved so much, we thought we’d share it with you!

Because our talented healthcare travelers are such an integral part of MSS, we want to make sure you know how much we are invested in creating a company that has heart, purpose, and amazing travel careers for YOU.

Without further ado, here is the first letter from The Desk of Our Director of Operations!

Hi team!

I was thinking back to when we were located in the Bank of Evansville and our office was not even as big as Lafayette satellite station… and my only reaction is WOW!

I remember just five short years ago when we signed the contract with one of our facilities and started with only two CNA’s. That account has now grown beyond any of our expectations — it’s one of the biggest accounts we have! We are getting new accounts daily! The Lafayette station used to be the size of a closet, now it’s a beautiful and welcoming office.

We took a few hits along the way as most companies do with the rise and fall of the economy but we held strong coming up with creative ways to staff our facilities, sometimes even taking the time to drive our healthcare providers to and from work.

As our Travel department grew, our PRN department grew as well. We now we have a full-time PRN recruiter and credentialer. The front desk person use to do this job on her own if you can imagine that.

I think about our travel department. Do you know five years ago we had 3 recruiters and now we are up to over 13? There was even a time that we were without account or travel department managers! Thank goodness we have both now! Back in the day Joanie and Mel did all of the clinical interviews and profiles…Today we have three experienced nurses doing all of those. At that time, the recruiter handled all of the travel arrangements and credentialing, on top of their daily recruiting duties.

We are now blessed to have a whole data entry department. Keep this in mind less than three years ago this was a one person department! You’ve seen their current workload, can you imagine one person taking this on today?

We had no real social media department and from the first time Ranee walked in our office we knew she had great ideas! Her hard work on the website and social media is going to get us to the next level.

Then comes the financial department. Getting 270 pay checks out the door each week in less time than before is an amazing job! Our financial’ s look great thanks to the fine work and attention to detail from Greg and Nick.

Taylor literally came to us fresh from high school to answer our phones for a summer. We are blessed and so very thankful she stayed all through college and got her HR degree. She is incorporating and executing policies and procedures that keep Medical Staffing Solutions streamlined and running with ease as evidenced by our consecutive JCAHO accreditation (passing with flying colors and high acclaim!)

Sometimes we wear many different hats but by doing this, it has got us where we are today!

Needless to say I am so proud of each and every one of you and would not be where we are today without you. Keep up the GREAT job!

I am EXCITED to see where we are in the next five years. Thank you Joanie and Melanie for giving us such a great company to work for!

-Beth Schnell, Director of Operations

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