A Call to Crowd-Source Care Packages for 2000 Caregivers

A Call to Crowdsource Care Packages for 2000 Caregivers

Medical Staffing Solutions Travel Nurse Jobs

Who we are

We are a travel nursing and healthcare staffing agency with the mission of igniting purpose in healthcare. We staff  nurses, therapists, pharmacists, and other clinicians of all specialties in all 50 states. Our clinicians are true healthcare heroes because they have the skills and flexibility to fill roles at even the most short-staffed facilities. By matching the right caregiver with the right organization, we offer a lifeline to not only facility but to the patient as well.

What we are doing

To support our brave healthcare warriors serving on the front lines of the nationwide pandemic, we are building 2000 care packages to lift them up in this stressful time. The packages will include things like masks, other PPE, self-care products, gift cards, etc.

What we need

We are looking for organizations like yours to donate goods or giftcards to be included in the care packages. The primary need is PPE and self-care products, but at least 2000 of any one item is welcome.  A card will be included in each care package acknowledging your contribution.

Help support our healthcare heroes!

Contact marketing@mssmedicalstaffing.com.