Tell Us Your COVID-19 Story: Stephen

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Tell Us Your COVID-19 Story: Stephen

Name: Stephen

Specialty: LPN – COVID Unit

Current Assignment: New Albany, IN



As a traveling nurse, it started in April of this year as I was driving through several states to where I was going to work. The businesses were closed in every town I went through. So, I thought about what this virus is about and why it could be so deadly to certain people. I learned where the virus originated- COVID stands for Chinese Originated Virus ID number 19, it attaches to the outside of the lungs and takes about two weeks for it to migrate into the lungs and then start showing symptoms, tiredness, loss of taste and smell, high fever, nonproductive cough, dyspnea, and some said they felt like they could not catch their breath, thickening of the blood. These symptoms can range widely with each patient. Some said it was like a bad cold and others had to be on a ventilator. As a nurse, I took an oath to take care of my patients. I personally believe it doesn’t matter what the sickness is or what I have to put on to take care of them- I will do that. That’s what I’m supposed to do, and when a patient smiles and says thank you, that makes my day.



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