Tell Us Your COVID-19 Story: Kim

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Tell Us Your COVID-19 Story: Kim

Name: Kim

Specialty: RN – Emergency Department

Current Assignment: Earlington, KY



This pandemic has shown me that sometimes no matter what we do to try and prevent getting sick, it still happens. I have seen so many people say this virus is a hoax, a gimmick, political, just the government trying to scare us… Well, I ended up with it in September and it kicked my butt. I was very humbled and very thankful after my recovery.


I have lost more than a few loved ones from this, and it’s been rough not being able to do our southern duty and pay respects as we normally would. Having to count the number of people allowed at a funeral is so unfair, but this is our reality now. It’s changed me as an ER nurse, where I’m far more compassionate than I used to be.



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