Tell Us Your COVID-19 Story: Katie

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Tell Us Your COVID-19 Story: Katie

Name: Katie

Specialty: CNA – Long Term Care

Current Assignment: Kealakekua, HI


Covid affected me from seeing my family for a time! And not being at my Grandsons birth, but got to be with them later and all is so good! I have seen many patients affected by this and pass away from either being alone, heart-ache, or sickness, and had to be the fill-in for their families! I am grateful for being there, but very sad, as I would have wanted it to be their families.


I have never taken life for granted and everyday throughout the day, I thank God for all my awesome nurses and CNAs, Doctors, Respiratory Therapists and all other staff, as we work as an amazing team. They have all worked so hard during this past year trying to come back from this ugly virus! God be with all of them, and all of you as we go through the next year. Happy Holidays!


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