Caregiver Spotlight: Lorraine

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Recruiter Spotlight: Lorraine

What is your specialty?


What is your current assignment?

I currently work in Owensboro, KY

What is your favorite place to travel?

Definately New Orleans. I LOVE the atmosphere of that place!!

Favorite restaurant?

When I go visit my mom up north, I always have to stop at NaNa’s Red Hots’. Best hot dogs and fresh cut fries anywhere!!! And their Italian Beef sandwiches are the bomb!!

Fun Facts?

I used to run with a Carnival when I was younger. Some people have there opinions about that. But, it was a life experience I would never change. Maybe that where I got the traveling itch from.. lol

Pets/Pet or kids names?

I have 6 kids! Rick, Ha’lle, Lorissa, Brittney, Ashley, and Misty- I also have a big ol baby named Sophie. She a loving dog. But she as big as a miniature horse. Sometimes she forgets that. And I got remind her she isn’t a Then there is Jake. An 8 y/o rescue. He runs the house.

Why do you love working for MSS?

MSS gave me the opportunity to experience and explore different realms of nursing. I was scared at first to make that jump into traveling because I have a family to take care of. But MSS did not disappoint.  So many jobs. I’m never without work. And plenty of $$$$. And that’s important to me. Kim my recruiter is so awesome!! Thank you Kim, for keeping the work flowing. And all those great gifts and bonuses you send my way!!