Caregiver Spotlight: Heather

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Caregiver Spotlight: Heather

What is your specialty?


What is your current assignment?

Bakersfield, CA

Favorite place to travel?

Hmm… Since I haven’t gotten to travel I’d eventually like to go to Greece.

Favorite restaurant?

Sushi in general

Fun Facts?

Before becoming a nurse I was a vet tech

Pets/Pet or kids names?

We have 3 dogs: Piggy- chihuahua, Livvie- mastiff, and Quinnie- pitty

Our children: Paxton- son and Brynn- daughter

Why do you love working for MSS?

I like working for MSS because you guys have been up front, helpful, and ensure your nurses are adequately compensated which is hard to find! I believe all nurse should be paid for their years of experience and knowledge.