Caregiver Spotlight: Audrey

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Caregiver Spotlight: Audrey

What is your specialty?


What is your current assignment?

Honolulu, HI

Favorite place to travel?


Favorite restaurant?


Pets/Pet or kids names?

Biological Child (Son) Michael…other 27 Fosters = April, Ashley, Kinah, Regina, Shannon, Amy, Tyson, Donovan, Shawn, Alex, Shane, Mikey, Jermaine, Karl, Sheldon…I could go on…

Why do you love working for MSS?

I love working at MSS because of Chelsea Potts… The employee and representation truly does a Company…. I have friends that have horror stories… and then I have Chelsea to brag on and refer others to. It’s more about who is representing the Company, that makes the Company… And I can’t brag enough about my Recruiter Chelsea Potts.