Timesheet Instructions

When our office is closed due to a National Holiday our after-hours scheduler can be reached at 1-866-397-5741 or 1-812-469-6877.

ALL EMPLOYEES: All time sheets need to be submitted by Monday – 12:00pm CST in order to be paid Friday. Email your timesheets to timesheets@mssmedicalstaffing.com or text/fax to 812-720-3637.

LAFAYETTE EMPLOYEES: All time sheets need to be submitted by Monday – 12:00pm CST in order to be paid Friday. Email your timesheets to ivhtimesheets@mssmedicalstaffing.com or text/fax to 765-807-3291.

If you enter your time electronically, please follow your normal timekeeping instructions.

IMPORTANT: if timesheets are not sent in by the specified times and dates, paychecks will not be processed by Friday, so please make sure to get them in on time!

  • Timesheets are due Monday by 4:00PM Central Time. NO EXCEPTIONS! Some facilities require timesheets to be submitted by 2:00PM CST Sunday, so please be aware of facility-specific timesheet protocols.
  • ONE FACILITY per timesheet (e.g., If you work at one facility on Monday, and a different one on Tuesday they go on separate timesheets.).
  • Timesheet MUST be legible. If we cannot read it, we cannot accept it.
  • Managers or Supervisors MUST sign off on EVERY shift. Make sure to have your timesheet signed BEFORE you leave your shift.
  • Always call to see if we have received (even if you receive a fax confirmation back).
  • Timesheets are ONLY accepted via fax, text, e-mail, or hand delivered to the office.
  • If you want to submit your timesheet via your mobile device, please go to the App Store and download the free app “Turbo Scanner”.
  • This allows you to take a picture with your mobile device and convert the timesheet to a legible PDF and directly email it to us.
  • Please email timesheets to timesheets@mssmedicalstaffing.com or for Lafayette region employees ivhtimesheets@mssmedicalstaffing.com.
  • Payday is every Friday (unless it’s an approved holiday).
  • First day of a new pay period starts on Sunday and ends the following Saturday (ex; Saturday the 7th, and Sunday the 8th will be on different paychecks).
  • Timesheets are rounded to the nearest 15 minutes.

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