Life as a PRN Clinician

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As a clinician, you have access to different forms of healthcare. There are several different specialties that you can pick from. You also have the opportunity to work flexible hours that other careers are longing for. As a per-diem clinician, you have the authority to work whenever you want, wherever you want. If you are looking into working PRN, check out these 6 reasons why you should seal the deal!


1. Unmatched Flexibility

The phrase “per-diem” means “per day” in Latin, but in the healthcare profession it means temporary employment. That employment could be for only one day, or several days. Advantages and disadvantages can vary per person, but most healthcare clinicians would state the best part of PRN is the flexibility. You can work if you’d like, but you can also say no if you aren’t able to. That’s the beauty of per-diem shifts, everything is up to you.


2. Work for Multiple Hospitals

As a per-diem clinician, you also have the ability to work for different hospitals at the same time. This is great for people who prefer to work in different areas of the city, or just being able to explore different clinical settings. It’s necessary for some clinicians to have the exposure to different types of work environments.


3. Earn Extra Cash

Who doesn’t need some extra cast nowadays? Whether you’re saving up for a new car, paying off student loans, or want to take a vacation- working PRN is one way of doing that! Often times, working the full-time shift every week can cause burnout. As a per-diem clinician, you can work as much or as little as you want while building up your bank account!


4. Expand Your Knowledge & Skills

If you are interested in learning new technology or wanting to stretch your skillset, working per-diem shifts give you the chance to do that without the commitment. Working PRN gives you the opportunity to change the direction of your career if you invest yourself in a new skillset that you like.


5. Trying New Facilities/Specialties Before Committing

Per-diem shifts are the perfect way to try out a new specialty or location before actually signing a contract. You can see if you like the new change, and if you don’t, you aren’t stuck with a long-term commitment. When you find something else that you really enjoy, you can make the change knowing that it’s the right move for you!


6. Enjoy the Balance

Personal dilemmas happen all the time in anyone’s life. Maybe you just had a baby and want to take more time off past maternity leave, or you want to go back to school; per-diem shifts give you that freedom to prioritize your personal life, while also being able to make an income. Bonus: per-diem clinicians are frequently eligible for the same benefits as full-time clinicians, like 401(k) and health insurance. This varies upon which facility you work for.


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